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Refereed Journal Papers
Wiredu, G. O. (In Press) "The Implementation of G2B Inter-Organizational Information Systems: A Dialectical Design Perspective" African Journal of Information Systems.,4(4), pp. 137-157.[view in publisher page]

Wiredu, G. O. (2012) "Information Systems Innovation in Public Organizations: An Institutional Perspective" Information Technology and People, 25(2), pp.188-206.[view in publisher page] or [download]

Wiredu, G. O. (2012) "Global Software Development and the Problem of Increased Uncertainties: Information Processing Requirements for Coordination" Journal of Global Information Management, 20(2), pp. 1-24.[view in publisher page] or [download]

Wiredu, G. O. (2011) "Understanding the Functions of Teleconferences for Coordinating Global Software Development Projects" Information Systems Journal, 21(2), pp. 175-194.[view in publisher page] or [download]

Wiredu, G. O. (2010) "Historical Perception as a Complementary Framework for Understanding the Usability of Mobile Computers" Cognition, Technology and Work, 12(3), pp. 205-217.[view in publisher page] or [download]

Sørensen, C., A. Al-Taitoon, J. H. Kietzmann, D. Pica, G. O. Wiredu, S. M. Elaluf-Calderwood, K. A. Boateng, M. Kakihara and D. Gibson (2008) "Exploring Enterprise Mobility: Lessons from the Field" Information, Knowledge, Systems Management, 7(1), pp. 243-271.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2007) "User Appropriation of Mobile Technologies: Motives, Conditions and Design Properties" Information and Organization, 17(2), pp. 110-129.[view in publisher page] or [download]

Wiredu, G. O. (2007) "Distance and Contradictory Motives in Distributed Workplace Learning for a New Profession" Journal of Education and Work, 20(4), pp. 357-377.[view in publisher page] or [download]

Wiredu, G. O. and C. Sorensen (2006) "The Dynamics of Control and Mobile Computing in Distributed Activities" European Journal of Information Systems, 15(3), pp. 307-319.[view in publisher page] or [download]

Sorensen, C., G. O. Wiredu and A. Al-Taitoon "Movement Matters: Double Distributed Coordination and Mobile IT" (paper under review in an international journal).

Wiredu, G. O. "A Conceptualization of the Spatial Dimension of Global Software Development Coordination" (paper under review in an international journal).

Refereed Conference Papers
Wiredu, G. O., J. Effah and K. A. Boateng (2012) "Social Networking Media and Government-Citizen Relations: A Conceptual Model" in Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on E-Government. Barcelona, Spain

Wiredu, G. O., (2012) "Problems of Revolutionary Thinking about IT in the Implementation of Ghana’s E-Cash Register" in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Development through Leadership, Management and Institutional Capacity Building. GIMPA, Accra, Ghana

Wiredu, G. O., C. Sorensen and A. Al-Taitoon (2011) "Double-Distributed Coordination: Mobile Challenges to Coordination Perspectives" in Proceedings of the 71st Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM 2011). San Antonio, Texas, USA[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2010) "Coordinating Distributed Software Development: A Resource Relationships Perspective on Analyzing the Spatial Effects" in Proceedings of the 31st International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS'10). St. Louis, Missouri, USA[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2010) "An Institutional Perspective on the Challenges of Information Systems Innovation in Public Organisations," in Proceedings of the IFIP 8.5 Conference on E-Government 2010 (EGOV2010), Lausanne, Switzerland.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2009) "The Role of Handheld Computers in Controlling Inter-Organisational Data Transactions" in Proceedings of the the 30th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS'09). Phoenix, Arizona, USA.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2009) "Challenges in Developing an Incipient Information Systems Strategy for Local E-Government: An Empirical Study of a British Local Authority" in proceedings of the 9th European Conference on E-Government (ECEG'09), London, UK.

Wiredu, G. O. (2008) "An Historical Epistemology of Perception in the Use of Mobile Computers" in Proceedings of the the 16th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS'08). Galway, Republic of Ireland.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2007) "Coordinating Global Software Development Activities: Requisite Variety in Information Systems as a Dependent Variable" in Proceedings of the IFIP 8.2 & 9.5 Conference on Virtuality and Virtualization. Portland, Oregon, USA.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2007) "Managing Interdependencies in Globally-Distributed Software Development" in Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the British Academy of Management.Warwick, UK.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. and D. Sullivan (2006) "Intercultural Learning as a Strategic Response to Socio-Cultural Differences in Global Software Development" in Proceedings of the Irish Academy of Management Conference. Cork, Ireland.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2005): "The Reconstruction of Portable Computers: On the Flexibility of Mobile Computing in Mobile Activities." in Proceedings of the IFIP 8.2 Conference on Designing Ubiquitous Information Environments: Socio-Techinical Issues and Challenges (Sorensen, C., Y. Yoo, K. Lyytinen, and J. DeGross Ed.), Springer, New York.[view]

Workshop Presentations
Wiredu, G. O. (2006): " A Framework for the Analysis of Coordination in Global Software Development" in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Global Software Development for the Practitioner. Shanghai, China.[view]

Wiredu, G. O. (2005): "Coordination as the Challenge of Distributed Software Development." in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Distributed Software Development (DiSD'05), Paris, France.[view]

Dr. Gamel O. Wiredu
PhD in Information Systems

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